Nothing. No One. Nowhere. No. 2

Good day, mates. Today is a day that marks the release of a string of publications. Though we have not been talking much about what’s to come for 2011, I assure you, readers and fans of VGP chaps and the poets we work with will be very excited. As for Nothing. No One. Nowhere. This publication has been fun and challenging, a definite learning experience. Thanks to the authors and writers who participate. I was pleased to see some familiar names pop up for the latest, but don’t take my word for it, check out the issue. In the meantime, here’s a note from NNN editor, Amelia Hoff:

Dear Readers,

In light of all the delays NNN. no. 1 produced, I was pleased to see the second issue come to fruition. There is an exciting read in store for those patient enough to wait. Poetry from Joshua Baumsgarten, Subhankar Das, RL Raymond, Howie Good, Peter Magliocco, J.J. Steinfeld, David S. Pointer; Prose by Joe Karmia, Michael McAloran, James Brush; Artwork by Michael McAloran and more, Music Reviews of Tori Amos, The Black Angels, and Labasheeda; poetry reviews of Paul Richardson and more! The internet preview of issue Nothing. No One. Nowhere. No. 2 should post by midnight tonight! Thanks again for your patience!


Nothing. No One. Nowhere. Today

A note from Amelia Hoff, editor of Nothing. No One. Nowhere:

I am happy to announce the official release of Nothing. No One. Nowhere No. 1. I appreciate your patience, writer & reader. I thank all those who submitted for the inaugural issue of NNN. The decisions were tough in some instances, nevertheless, I am grateful to present this sacred text. I believe I’ve contacted all those whose work was published; if I have not, your submission may be in hold over for the second issue and I will contact soon. I was quite eager to see this text put together and bound in Virgogray’s signature chapbook style, and the collection is handsome, indeed. Nothing. No One. Nowhere No. 1 has poetry, art, reviews, prose– and is not short of talent. A sample is provided in the box to left or click the links. Thanks again to all those involved. I know the peeps at Virgogray and all those in their readerdom will enjoy this novel zine.


Nothing. No One. Nowhere. is a great joy of a collection, bold as anything we’ve released at Virgogray.  The zine is 53 pages, jam packed with lit/art relavent content and full color. Purchasing information is available at

Ink on Wood by Kevin Brown

Ink on Wood by Kevin Brown


Kevin Brown of Arkansas has given to readers the world over a phenomenal new collection of prose in Ink on Wood and an astonishing first for Virgogray Press. I found his work quite riveting. In short the work included in Ink on Wood is searing prose at its best. “02:10:31” and “The End, the opener and closer for the book, are dramatic tales of regret and loss told in unconventional and interesting sequence;  the former being framed as the story unfolds through video and the latter like flashes of memory. Tragic as they are, one cannot help to turn the pages as the story unfolds and the puzzle pieces itself together.   Between these two tales is work that is humorous, as in “Ecdysis,” which frankly I found shocking when I first read. Considering ecdysis means “to shed off skin,” I found this piece to be a masterful literary echo, an elegant step forward for humanity that doesn’t cease to punch you in the jaw. “Learning How to Die,” a nostalgic account between father and son, that is ultimately a tale of acceptance of death, resonated with me. The issue of mortality is lightly punched around by a drunken father teaching his son to box. Other pieces include, “The World (and Everything in it),” a light-hearted look at love loss that reads thickly with poetic hints and crassness. Of course, that’s just skimming the surface, you’ll have to read the story to get the full scoop. Prose fans, fans of flash fiction and short stories, Ink on Wood by Kevin Brown is definitely a collection to pick up—satisfying to the last word.

27 Pages. $7.