The VGP Flashback #4


Thunder fizzles out—
Hector the room mechanic selling strawberries
on the corner of Jones & Tropicana, off white Bentleys roll by…

Heavy metal strippers sliding down silver poles
to greet salacious mobs—

cheap beer & buzz cuts, fake tans & spandex dreams
over-compensating alpha-morons swingin’ bullshit shovels.

Clinking bottles of Cristal,
wowed by an artificial horizon,
lime green suits snorting coke off a Waterford candy dish.

Tweekers are cooking breakfast in a meth lab on
Marijuana & Bananas, al fresco: fry
until golden brown (extra crispy).

From an eastside veranda—pink flamingos fading plastic:
“Incognito Sun”—shiny new foreclosure signs.
115° & even the lizards stop doing push-ups & hang cool
in the cracks of unfinished retaining walls…

cruising by the Desert Breeze Dog Park, kids revving engines
skateboarding by the Old Mormon Fort in North Las Vegas:

one kite left… under cloud’s anvil dome… it’s getting late.

Flip flops & cut offs, a half-assed line forms in the express lane.
The cashier sweats, the register fails.

Playing with questionable canned goods in aisle 5
“Sweet Sue—Whole Chicken in a can” –fill up the cart.

Price-fixed oil, gouge-out gas erases any beer money.

Leftover teen angst
invested in His & Hers ATVs (custom air-brushed)—
a well-endowed pink lady in thick black mascara

thrashing south down I-15,
subwoofers blasting angry double-bass
“Cookie Monster on PCP”
glass-garglin’ rock-salt & razor growl

“just tune down the axes & crank up the distortion, dudes!”

sky opens up—grindcore in a melancholic minor key.
Ancients spew judgment
in thunder crack & staccato zigzag flash.
Run for cover, duck & roll behind the rock…

Man-boobs bouncing along Death Valley dunes.


“Headbanging” was written by Chris D’Errico and published by Virgogray Press in his 2008 chapbook, Vegas Implosions


The VGP Flashback #2


The heart is an organ of fire.

Layers of defenses
peel away, rice
paper shredded
beneath heat metal hands,
lightening glass sparks.
You unearth the hollow beneath my heart,
once constricted.
Make it blossom full-petaled…
A flower fed on tears flames
to life, too intense for restraint.
The edge of your fingers
fillet my skin,
a subtle knife of sighs.
Confessions, revelations evoked
upon this stage, a cross,
the one of earth and matter,
as the alchemists speak.
Escaping earth-bound
rules, you form
of us a torch,
a sculpture
of conjoined flame that
enlightens the universe,
dares binary dying stars
to burn us alive.


“Vulnerable” was written by Gail Gray and originally published in her chapbook Storms at the Edge, released by Virgogray Press in 2010.


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