The VGP Flashback #4


Thunder fizzles out—
Hector the room mechanic selling strawberries
on the corner of Jones & Tropicana, off white Bentleys roll by…

Heavy metal strippers sliding down silver poles
to greet salacious mobs—

cheap beer & buzz cuts, fake tans & spandex dreams
over-compensating alpha-morons swingin’ bullshit shovels.

Clinking bottles of Cristal,
wowed by an artificial horizon,
lime green suits snorting coke off a Waterford candy dish.

Tweekers are cooking breakfast in a meth lab on
Marijuana & Bananas, al fresco: fry
until golden brown (extra crispy).

From an eastside veranda—pink flamingos fading plastic:
“Incognito Sun”—shiny new foreclosure signs.
115° & even the lizards stop doing push-ups & hang cool
in the cracks of unfinished retaining walls…

cruising by the Desert Breeze Dog Park, kids revving engines
skateboarding by the Old Mormon Fort in North Las Vegas:

one kite left… under cloud’s anvil dome… it’s getting late.

Flip flops & cut offs, a half-assed line forms in the express lane.
The cashier sweats, the register fails.

Playing with questionable canned goods in aisle 5
“Sweet Sue—Whole Chicken in a can” –fill up the cart.

Price-fixed oil, gouge-out gas erases any beer money.

Leftover teen angst
invested in His & Hers ATVs (custom air-brushed)—
a well-endowed pink lady in thick black mascara

thrashing south down I-15,
subwoofers blasting angry double-bass
“Cookie Monster on PCP”
glass-garglin’ rock-salt & razor growl

“just tune down the axes & crank up the distortion, dudes!”

sky opens up—grindcore in a melancholic minor key.
Ancients spew judgment
in thunder crack & staccato zigzag flash.
Run for cover, duck & roll behind the rock…

Man-boobs bouncing along Death Valley dunes.


“Headbanging” was written by Chris D’Errico and published by Virgogray Press in his 2008 chapbook, Vegas Implosions