Ghost Roads: Sticking Around in these Old Neighborhoods

Ghost Roads by Michael Aaron Casares (Virgogray Press, 2008)
Ghost Roads by Michael Aaron Casares (Virgogray Press, 2008)

To be quite frank, I was unsure that I would return to publishing independently. Virgogray Press had been quiet for a few years already and I hadn’t done much in the wake of my brief reading tour in 2005 across the Southwestern United States. But what would I do? That three years after publishing Sad Height under the pen name Jacob Gray I would have my first publication of poetry a la Ghost Roads would never have crossed my mind. For reasons I shan’t disclose, I think I nearly gave up on writing after 2005. I still wrote poetry and doodled word phrases, but the writer/publishing game? Forget it.
So what changed in 2008? I’m not sure. The end result, however, is Ghost Roads, a 40 page poetry chapbook collecting poems that wander through the nostalgic avenues of my past. Not being one to enjoy the  occasional rut, I retain these poems as evidence of progress and change. Transcendence. Ghost Roads, as with my latest collection, The Terrorist, is really a dissection of Sad Height in that it takes some of the themes, tones and poems of that experimental piece and breaks them down and revises them into new personal truths.  Not bearing sequence, some poems like “Island” are throwbacks to older poetry, written as far back as 2002; where as “New Paths” or “Routine” are newer fresher faces amongst my words. Ghost Roads is my tribute to the heart, a fine place if any to start; it reconciles some of what I lost, some of what I miss, some of what I’m looking for. It is my “hello” to the world, at least for now.

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