Chris D’Errico’s “Vegas Implosions,” a poet’s look at Sin City.

Vegas Implosions by Chris D'Errico (Virgogray Press, 2008)
Vegas Implosions by Chris D'Errico (Virgogray Press, 2008)

Chris D’Errico’s new collection of poetry Vegas Implosions is an examination of the sordid city of sin from this Massachusetts born poet. Now transplanted in Las Vegas and with many a mode and vehicle to cast his eye on, Vegas Implosions is truly a dissection of modern living in a space that is exceptionally colorful. Humorous ideas and images abound like one of my favorite lines from “man-boobs bouncing along Death Valley dune,” from the poem “Headbanging.” It’s just this unexpected vision that balances the books views on life in Las Vegas, which comes at readers with more realistic views swathed in bittersweet sarcasm and post-beat meditations.  Reflections on the quality of life. Whereas early works like Debris of the Hearts (Off Center Press, 2007) focused primarily on personal subjects, D’Errico turns his eye outwards on the denizens of Las Vegas. In all this, there is a humanness that the poet maintains in keeping its humor even when ironically pointed at himself. These types of methodologies in writing, whether intended or not, are usually best recipes for eye-openers giving way to a bigger picture, one the reader can mirror against the rest of the world. Chris D’Errico’s warm reception to the human condition in Las Vegas intermingled with personal philosophies and  sharp wit is both welcoming and candidly unpredictable.

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