Justin Blackburn: Farting Fire


Farting Fire by Justin Blackburn

“You are confused
life is war to you
that is perfect
you wouldnt have it any other way
No one understands you
Great, you don’t understand yourself
Dont worry about it
all you need to know is you dont need to know”

-Cliche Poem to a Poet Poem

Justin Blackburn’s new book of collected poetry, Farting Fire, is 40 pages of hidden wisdoms from this twenty-something poet. This book is an answer to the moody blues that sometimes get us down as Justin tackles many of life’s quandries with honest, witty, and youthful verse. Still, readers might be surprised to find the content of his first collection of poetry to be light-hearted and filled with lessons good to learn, though sometimes hard to share.


One Reply to “Justin Blackburn: Farting Fire”

  1. Justin thank you for being on the Poetic Energy Radio show it was a honor and pleasure to have you….and we do welcome you to come back anytime you wish to promote your projects or just hang out! Sending Luv ur way.

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