Marc Olmsted: Fresh Lotus Rehab


Fresh Lotus Rehab by Marc Olmsted

“old Buddha friend out of 3 year retreat and his 20 year old hippie niece
from Seattle come along
even my usual all-in-black unshaven dirty hair
pierced ear with a skull
wraparound shades
wont pass here
bands amped from god knows what power source
a nod to the older gent w/mohawk,
a ferret on his shoulder,

– Metal Thoughts

The soft release of Marc Olmsteds Fresh Lotus Rehab is a quixotic and fresh rendering of poems– a look into the personal planet of the poet, given in a post beat pace that marks the fourth installment of Virgogray Press’ self-proclaimed chapbook revolution, which is geared to return poetry to the reader and to the poet. Marcs collection of work hails as a prime example of the type of literature Virgogray Press intends to produce. Olmsteds release is long overdo and offers a personal look into the writers life with observations only a poet could produce over topics from his brothers suicide to The 2008 Olympic Torch mayhem in the streets of San Francisco.

Cover Art: Lango


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