Michael Aaron Casares: The Terrorist


The Terrorist by Michael Aaron Casares

” An era has ended,” is
the hushed whisper on
the lips of boys and men.

A time has passed when
our hopes and dreams our
strength could steadily transcend.

Shadows we see in this doppelganger reality
erode to distant memories and to dust.
Faces we longed for in this replica country
collapse into clones lacking heart and soul.

Peace and security is the banner of the time
for the stability of the home is a picture
hanging on the walls of empty houses.

The strength of honor
and the courage of truth
are the doormats of notoriety,
successful like our leaders
once noble desire now submits
to the decadence of selfdefeat.

– The Days that are no More

The Terrorist is a collection of poetry that is as much social commentary as a poetic work of art. The Terrorist includes poems that pick at the bones of American life and addresses “parody” issues, or issues suppressed by the general public and media. The Terrorist, a title so chosen for the media’s love affair with the idea and word, relates experiences in the current and the after math of the “terror” attacks of 2001 while painting a picture of the politcal and social landscapes. In short, this collection is an alarming indictment against the current power-players (as well as those behind the scenes) of the American government and created with the hopes of awakening readers to the truth hidden behind the theatrics of American politics.

Cover Art: Michael Aaron Casares


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