Virgogray Press will not Take Submissions after November

Virgogray Press will stop taking chapbook manuscript submissions on December 1, 2009. Due to the high volume of submissions we’ve received, we have already filled our publishing schedule for the majority of 2010. We’re proud to announce brand new publications from great poets and writers including: Anne McMillen, Gail Gray, Branden Kirk, and Joseph Goosey along with several other new and rising writers. If you are still interested in submitting your poetry, or other materials to Virgogray, there are still opportunities. In December, Virgogray will launch its own internet poetry forum, Carcinogenic Poetry which will publish on a rolling basis and is seeking all types of verse. Also, writers are welcome to send in their writing to our themed publications via the Virgogray Press Chapbook Anthology Series. The next chapbook in the series is entitled America Remembered and will be published in early 2010. Virgogray is seeking poetry and prose about the values and ideals that formulated the American way of life; the submission deadline is January 1, 2010. Thank you for your interest in Virgogray Press.

2 thoughts on “Virgogray Press will not Take Submissions after November

  1. thanks for copies of chapbook with my poems.
    I wanted to submit re American ideas chapbook but can’t reach you via your named opne or elsewhere.
    Larry Lefkowitz


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