So it Goes, a Poetic Anthology of Death Now Available

The latest release from Virgogray Press is the newest in the VGP Chapbook Anthology Series. The anthology, entitled “So it Goes,” collects the various feelings and thoughts of poets and writers on the topic of death. As some may have referenced the title of the book to a phrase concerning death made famous by the author of “Slaughter House 5,” Kurt Vonnegut, “So it Goes” sought to capture, not just accounts of death and the various mixture of emotions that come from personal accounts of this experience, but to also exhibit ideas and thoughts from a wide array of voices that celebrate humanity through reflections and perceptions of life unique to the poet. In the pages of “So it Goes” poetry fans will be delighted to read new and unpublished work from writers like Elzy Cogswell, Puma Pearl, Gillian Prew, Joseph Goosey and Chris D’Errico to name a few, and readers in general will enjoy a rollercoaster of an anthology that shines a full spectrum of emotions on a topic often mired in negative stigmas.  Stop into the Virgogray Press online store and pick up your copy today!

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