Gail Gray: Storms at the Edge

Escaping earth-bound
rules, you form
of us a torch,
arms above all below,
until a sculpture
of conjoined flame
enlightens the universe,
dares binary dying stars
o burn as alive.


Virgogray announces the release of its newest collection, “Storms at the Edge” by Gail Gray. The poetry of Gail Gray can best be described as contemporary cauterized with a mystic edge that lucidly delves into realms of myth and fantasy though anchored to realities through the severe connections, emotions and understandings of a world that mystifies the poet sensitive to the true nature of things.. “Storms at the Edge” is a testament to this quality. Gail Gray’s poems are almost mythic in some instances with themes that recall other times beneath society’s veneer. With “Storms at the Edge,” Gail Gray comes a step closer to perfecting that voice. 21 pages; $10 + S/H.

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