Anne McMillen: Mind Static Volume 3

The last installment of Anne McMillen’s Mind Static chapbook series has finally arrived, and is well worth the wait! The third volume continues full stride from the onset of its first poem, The Collective Consciousness: ”really, it’s just the same old bitch / about how no one / wants to be wrong / or on the receiving end / of the dick. /One less breath I’ll ever / have to take. Nearing the photo finish / there is nothing sadder than acceptance of second place. / a general loss of the will to fight… / but, / but, / don’t fight the tide / you’ll only drown faster.” Mind Static as a whole has been a useful glance into the viewpoint of another and at the same time speaks volumes in respect to quality of life and society. At least, that is one view-point considered by this editor when reading literature and Mind Static has been a curious, artistic and powerful voice in this aspect. Consider the books second poem, The Unnatural Life: “eventually we’ll have / wires to replace the veins / that go old and bad. / Reheat our reheatable food. /Slap the tray in the electronic therapy machine ./ Sit to watch it spin. / Meat made from soybean. / Killing cows is inhumane / but if you live in a country / with valuable resources / your life is expendable. / Exploiting the third world / at the expense of this countries impoverished. / Love and cherish peace / by war waging / in the name of it.” Other notable poems included are “Art is Against Life” in which Anne writes about the state of art, calling for a rebirth at the hands of its destruction, and “Purpose of How I Write,” a lesson in attracting readers: “We could play pictionary / with torrents from a florid vocabulary / but you deserve / the slideshow / sideshow. / Torture in small increments / that propel quickly. / Fast enough / to ignore when you / leave the building. / Miniature black holes / to peak through / at what I am living in / on the other side of our / universe.” $11 + S/H.

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