One Anthology is Cancelled, One Anthology Advances

Well, we have a bit of good news and bad news here at Virgogray Press. The anthology titled, “String of Pearls,” has been cancelled due to lack of submissions whereas the “America Remembered” anthology is to be moving towards the next steps of publication. Good and bad news. While we apologize, and thank, all the diligent poets who submitted their work to the press for “String of Pearls,” there was just not enough content to release a collection of poetry worthy of being included in the series. Heavy hearts, yes. There were several eye-popping submissions that we received along the theme of “mother” (whatever that meant to you), and as a recourse some of these poems and poets may see the light of day in other Virgogray venues, but that is as it happens. We are sorry to disappoint the writers who sent their work, and again thank you, and hope you understand. As well as our readers, too. Everything’s a lesson learned when you are a burgeoning press reaching for the solid food. The great news is we’ve received a satisfactory amount of submissions for the “America Remembered” anthology that we can take it to the next level. Who knows, perhaps as we near the 4th of July people are getting more patriotic minded, but you know, if you have been following this humble press, that we’ve been aching to release “America Remembered’ and so it shall come to pass. Perhaps we should have given more time for writers to submit to “String of Pearls”(?). Either way, many thanks to the writers and readers who are still by our side, and fear not, there is still plenty on the slate for Virgogray, including the “America Remembered” anthology, and several collections of poetry. The winter/spring print schedule finished without a hitch, we’ve had grand releases and release parties, readings, participation in festivals and sales, sales, sales… People are reading, that’s always encouraging and, at least for a time, are returning to the lure that poetry provides with its inconsequential soul-speak, truth-telling insights and at Virgogray we are proud to share these things from writers of all walks of life and from all stances of mind. Be well, dear reader, and prepare yourself for an intoxicating year’s end; it begins now. We appreciate your readership and the writers who give us their faith! And don’t forget– the reading period for “America Remembered” is STILL OPEN. So send in your most patriotic work, especially if you are an American citizen. Give your voice, your opinion on freedom and what it means to you. There is a sea of individuals who not only want to hear this RIGHT NOW, but they need to hear it; and, thank you!