Faculties of Interrelated Understanding by Felino A. Soriano


Faculties of Interrelated Understanding by Felino A. Soriano is a continuation of his “Painter’s Exhalations” series of poetry inspired by paintings. The collection is a garnering of poems quite beautiful and thoughtfully shared with an elegance that is not telling. That is to say, Soriano’s style of writing, from imagery to syntax, lends to a touch of the sacred or magical, even through its contemporary, if not collegiate quality. Art does that. One gets the sense that even though these poems are in a series of ekphrastic writing, that they stand alone apart from the artwork. And they do; and that is how we present them. They are their own pieces of art and they pay a very respectable homage to the artists who inspired their creation. Cover art by Duane Locke. 26 pages. $7