NO FEAR by Doctori Sadisco

VG-29: No Fear by Doctori Sadisco

NO FEAR by Doctori Sadisco is a collection of thirty sonnets that peer into the mystic, the sacred and connotate the metaphysical in light and recognizable form. There a several balances found within this book that acknowledge evils and dispel in truth through beautifully written spells.  NO FEAR casts light on the shadows and the demons, demystifies them and continues in its internal/external process of illumination. The first sonnet’s lines, “The Age of Denial is ending so he welcomes the Age of Revelation”  is the first mark of duality right out of the snakeskin.  There is dark and light throughout NO FEAR, but truth rings out the clearest. Each line is like a snapshot, individual paintings feathered seamlessly:



These are not the ghosts or wraiths whom fear has made

Nor the angels on their fluff white clouds

Not the glowing winged beings surrounding Christ

And not the dusky demons of some fiery hell

They do not moan in graveyards round the night

Nor touch your soul with sulfur’s stench and icy chill

These are not the cloudy figures your mind has made


The mother’s scent a father’s frame

Through these mortal minds beheld

Will make inside an unpained tear

And longing deeper than a well

Where only beauty can resound

In echoes deep within the soul

Where no fear but love is what unfurls


Praythee not forget these are the musings of an artist. So we are given beautiful lines of wonder, lines of passion and love, as seen in Sonnet IX, lines of dreamlike sadist birds (Sonnet XVII), lines of self-realization (Sonnet XXV), lines written for the animals (Sonnet XV). My favorites were lines that spoke of light and, not being in love, but love itself. Sonnet XXVI is a good light poem that seems to speak of something higher than simple illumination:




Please don’t fool yourself

Into believing that the Light falls

On some but not others

In the slipstreams of the infinite

Light falls on those who are readiest

While others watch and stare

Not knowing why or when and where


The divisions felt so deeply shift

Off the centers they so resolutely forge

And climb the ladder to the stars

For the answers so long sought

And out of the nightmares of your strife

The cutting edge of Light

Is like a knife


We are happy to share this collection of sonnets, a first for Virgogray Press, with readers and fans of Doctori Sadisco. There is a subtle enchantment to the world of this wizened poet reflected in the words enchanted moment. 30 pages. $7.