Virgogray Press: Call for Submissions

Good evening, I hope all are well out there in internet-land, and in readerdom. We are having a great time here at Virgogray Press and looking forward for things to come. No doubt this year has already been fruitful, readings with Bill Shute of Kendra Steiner Editions, a Las Vegas poetry weekend with Chris D’Errico and Peter Magliocco, both poets published with us; Justin Blackburn continues his romp of poetry and stand-up comedy through the South and South Eastern States, recently appearing in Louisiana, Florida, and Alabama. There are more readings and appearances to come and more publications as well. This is what we’re currently accepting submissions for. Please visit the submissions page and read all the details. Thanks again for your interest in Virgogray, we hope to see you soon.


Virgogray Press Chapbook Publications

Please submit via e-mail.
The manuscript should be no less than 25 pages and no more than 50.
Please include a cover letter that includes address, e-mail, and phone number.
Include a biography. Payment will include 10 copies of your chapbook. We will also work on promotional packages to include possible radio, television, and book reading events.
Submissions close March 13, 2011.


Virgogray Press Chapbook Anthologies

No. 8 – America Remembered Volume 2: Poems themed around the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc. Deadline July 4, 2011.

No. 9 – (Title TBA) Theme: Light. Poems about the light or light themed poems. Deadline August 1, 2011.

Carcinogenic Poetry
Carcinogenic is our online poetry blog. Carcinogenic alone reaches 100’s of readers a month and features some of the best voices in the independent literary underground. Carcinogenic Poetry publishes weekly and is anthologized annually.

Nothing. No One. Nowhere.
A print zine of poetry, prose and art. Nothing. No One. Nowhere. Publishes quarterly and accepts poetry, prose, flash fiction, non-fiction, chapbook reviews, music reviews, polemics, visual art, or anything you can fancy in a magazine. Contributors receive one copy.  Edited by Amelia Hoff.


The Yellow Elevator
edited by Michael Aaron Casares
published by Lizard’s Tale Press
Http:// Submit by e-mail.

A publication by indie press, Lizard’s Tale Press publishing poetry. Visit the website for details.


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