Updates: Patriotic Poetry

We have received several submissions for our patriotic poetry anthology. However, less than half will see publication.

We appreciate those who have diligently submitted their work for consideration, but we are somewhat disillusioned by writer’s ideas of patriotic poetry. We are NOT looking for abstract poetry. We are not looking for damning poetry. We are not looking specifically for war poetry. We are looking for writing bold in its love for country and the philosophy that founded this country.

In light of corporate media and the government’s control of education and dissemination of information, quite frankly we do not blame the writers for submitting. A lack of understanding can only be expected when no food is taught or given to sustain this type of idea. To be frank, the political landscape has been illusory and a show for many decades in this country. While we prefer not to get into political biases or speak of such things on our website, as this is a political-type anthology, we will delve into that realm, if not for the benefit of our readers and those who wish to publish with Virgogray Press.

We are looking for all types of poetry created with a patriotic twist/focus/theme. We are not just looking for poems about America or the United States Constitution, but poems that exemplify the American spirit, what it means to be American, or the philosophy surrounding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We understand, especially having opened submissions for this theme in the past, that patriotic poetry, or verse espousing your love of country or said country’s ideals is as dead as Walt Whitman, but we encourage those writers who may have never had an inkling of patriotic poetry bubbling in their soul to give it a try, or to challenge themselves. With as much action going on in the political circus that is the presidential elections, we have no doubt that there is plenty to glean from or be inspired by—so go flip on that alternative media (and flip off the lame-stream media) and find out what’s going on; look up the works and lives of Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson or Thomas Paine or Ron Paul (we are aware these individuals may have had imperfections like the rest of us, so let’s try not to focus on that), and see if the message of liberty and freedom doesn’t water the roots of your creativity. We’re throwing you some bones here, and we hope you pick them up.

The title of the upcoming patriotic poetry anthology is Sing Now, America (perhaps this will inspire). So sing—NOW, America—the world is waiting to hear you.


2 thoughts on “Updates: Patriotic Poetry

  1. I guess when you write patriotic poems, you do not only tackle things that you can do for the country or some sort of that kind of things, You can also incorporate simple things that in some ways patriotic. Simple things but has impact.


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