New Release: Nothing. No One. Nowhere No. 3



Today mark’s the release of our third installment of Nothing. No One. Nowhere. an underground lit rag Virgogray so ventured to publish starting in 2011. Finally, in its 3rd issue, Nothing. No One. Nowhere. features new and known poets and writers to the indie lit scene, and we are proud to host them. This issue also features an interview and art spread by artist Justin Jackley whose work has appeared Virgogray Press titles like 2009’s Broke Nuptial Minds by A.J. Kaufmann and Peter Magliocco’s Nude Poetry Garage Sale (2010). While there is an absent reviews section (to return in the fourth issue), the latest NNN is brimming w/ poetry, fiction and art to satisfy every sense. 
Do remember, Nothing. No One. Nowhere. is currently seeking guest editors to help in the reading and selection process of NNN, as well as add their unique stamp on the title. For more details visit the Nothing. No One. Nowhere. site (link located on tab to left) or visit our “News” link on this website. Be sure to pick up your copy and thanks for your support!


Slaughterhouse Jalopy 
by Aaron A. Cotton 

Bamboo Cathedral
Books and Bibles 
by Louis Marvin

Sunday 4:43 pm
Good Night World
by Julie Ellinger Hunt

Tonal Studies
by Rebecca Law

Is it Like a Lady to Discuss Her Heart?
by Amelia Hoff

I have a Dream
Joe (or On Looking at my Daughter’s Photo in Her First Sari*)
by Dr. A.V. Koshy

Poetry in a Minor Key
At Jethro’s Table
by Joseph Saling

by Rosemary Hiawatha

Ode on an Orange
Poem from a Frying Pan
Irish Stew
Ode on a Cutting Board
by William Wright Harris

by Gregory Liffick

In Love
Miss You 
After Rejection
Word Problem
Bird Song II
by Howie Good

Short Fiction 

Small Truths
by Mario E. Martinez

Floor Boards 
by James Orbesen

by Josh Ritter

An Interview with
Justin Jackley

Visual Art 

Fish Bulb
Computer Fiend
LBJ Says, “Bomb ‘EM”
Constant Stairs
by Justin Jackley 


Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
by Duncan Hill

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