We Need Your Poems About America!

Please do not forget about this country, and more importantly, what it symbolically stands for in regards to the freedom of man. The America Remembered chapbook anthology has become the most elusive in terms of submissions, nevertheless, the decision has been made to publish the anthology this year. Release date? You can bet it will be sometime in July and we’d like to see some more submissions. Generally, as the anthologies have gone, any poem can be submitted so long as it fits the theme somehow, but, admittedly, we are looking for a particular type of poem. Not one that reflects what is wrong with America or disillusionment, but one that looks at its qualities and what that means to you. Come on, poets, what does freedom mean to you? Is it restricted to the borders of a country? Is it owning property and things? Is it the ability to choose what is right for you and your family? Is it quality of life? Freedom is what America was given when it declared its independence. That is the type of anthology we are envisioning at Virgogray and know you can help us. So get crackin! Reading period ends summarily on June 10, 2010. If it means putting on your patriot cap, then please do so!