Joseph Goosey: Mostly Spinach

A 29 page collaboration of light and ornate verse, layered with anecdotal profundities that subtly smirk at literacy and everyday life. One of the highlights for me was the poem “Print Media,” which, as a publisher, caught my attention immediately (as was intended???) I found it funny this state of seeming lack of balance, sad as it is to be “more concerned / with the continued survival / of print media / than… with the contents of any bank account.” The zinger, however, was as the end of the poem where, in a rueful promise to one day edit The Book Review, would be the same day the front lawn would catch fire. Heh. I also quite enjoyed “Difficult to See the Bicyclists This Time of Evening.” It is just this type of poem, should a type even be given, I enjoy. It tells a story, has a point and yet at the same time maintains all these abstractions and images. But you get the point of the poem. Perhaps it is in the compilation of images, “a London born Statistician,” the increase of cigarettes with no decent warning, a ninety pound Russian with a harsh urinary tract infection, and a sun that just won’t stand still. Yes, for its coital profundity, Mostly Spinach is light and entertaining and will easily commute readers from page to page in its brief meander through the realms of Mr. Goosey’s mind and may come out as puzzled with life as they were before reading the book. But, hey, if the job of the poet were not to answer the mysteries of life, would it not be to provoke the mysteries of life? Mostly Spinach was no mystery for me, but was an entertaining book that sometimes makes reading poetry worthwhile and a nice addition to the Virgogray library. 29 pages. $10

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