The VGP Literate

vgpliterate 2017

The VGP Literate is an online poetry column hosted on the Virgogray Press official website blog. The journal collects and shares the works of the literary independent and underground poets of the new millennium. Readers can expect a wide range of voices and topics in The VGP Literate. Writer’s from all around the globe are welcome to submit. Subscribe to the Virgogray Press blog and never miss an entry. Please visit our “Submissions” page if you are interested in publishing your work at The VGP Literate.

The VGP Literate Archive

No. 01 – Marc Olmsted 
No. 02 – Terry McCarty
No. 03 – Michelle Williams
No. 04 – Chevalterre Nabil
No. 05 – Michael Aaron Casares
No. 06 – Cornelius Fortune
No. 07 – David Scott Pointer
No. 08 – William Crawford 
No. 09 – Spirit Thom
No. 10 – Holly Day
No. 11 – Scott Thomas Outlar
No. 12 – Subhankar Das
No. 13 – Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi
No. 14 – Allison Grayhurst
No. 15 – J.H. Johns