Peter Magliocco on Chris D’Errico’s Vegas Implosions

    “One of Sin City’s best poets, Chris D’Errico displays superbluesy intellectual verve
    & formal dexterity in poems exploring the aboveground & underground facts of
    life/death in Vegas, where implosive humanity vies with the insect pestilence he
    exterminates … Question is, which side is winning?”


Peter Magliocco writes from Las Vegas, Nevada, where he’s edited the lit-zine ART:MAG for over 20 years. He has recent poetry in online & print publications like SCYTHE, GOLD DUST, DEAD SNAKES, ASCENT A S PI R ATIONS, THE BEAT, THUNDER SANDWICH, GNOME, SCARS, and elsewhere. He’s been Pushcart Prize nominated for poetry three times, and his most recent chapbooks are Imparadised (Nerve Calliope Media), Nude Poetry Garage Sale (Virgogray Press), The Heaven of Words (Propaganda Press), and Discarded Poems (Scars Publications)…. His latest novel is The Burgher of Virtual Eden from Publish America. A recent story of his was collected in the sci-fi anthology, Dead Neon: Tales of Near-future Las Vegas from the University of Nevada Press. He’s also been Pushcart nominated for fiction …

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